New Student Orientation

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Welcome to the UIUC family! Whether you are a freshman, a transfer student, or a doctoral student, are you expecting and nervous about your upcoming cornfield study ?
do not worry! You are not alone. The UIUC Taiwan Student Association (TSA) will do everything we can to bring you to the corn field and become familiar with the Champagne environment. There is a second home here .
When should I book a ticket? Where to live in champagne?Should I buy a car? Banks open door election Which? Where is the champagne delicious and fun?

All kinds of questions, we will explain to you in the freshmanship, once for you to answer!

From 5/27 9:00 – 12:00 in the Plato Hall of National Taiwan University Conference Center

Everyone is welcome to participate in the sharing of Champagne Life with Sister Chang! We will release freshmen’s manuals at the scene. You are welcome to bring a pen and paper to listen to the briefing session.

In addition, there are many contents of this briefing, please check-in 10-15 minutes in advance. 🙂




After the freshmen briefing session, we have After Party ! Refreshments, there is nearby parking lot, it does not need to worry about parking, and consumption on the premises also enjoy 95 % discount Oh!

Unlike the freshmen’s briefing session at the brainstorming session, After Party  ‘s time is to let everyone know each other and chat. And there is a one-on-one opportunity to chat with Office! At home, rely on parents and go out by friends. Let’s make friends before coming to a corn field that is unfamiliar with life!

Venue: 5 senses cafe  No. 85, Section 3, Keelung Road, Taipei

Time: 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm 


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Freshman Handbook

Freshman Conference