11/14 Sports Event

感恩節假期快到了!🤩🤩想必大家是不是都在為自己的期中期末進行衝刺呢讀書之餘,小編我這邊還是推薦大家要適當放鬆我們每週的 sports event 就是你最佳的選擇!本週我們將回歸大家最愛的羽球~ 🏸️

地點: ARC Gym 3 (Badminton Court)
日期: 11/14 (星期日)
時間: 14:00 – 16:00
人數限制: 16人

*在這裡提醒各位記得要帶Membership card,入場前必須要給TSA Officer看過。

– 填寫預約表格
– 必須是TSA會員 (入場前會核對身分)
– 建議在進入ARC 之前做COVID- test,並提供陰性證明 😤😤

Hey people. We are so close to Thanksgiving! 🥳
I guess everyone is working hard for their midterms and finals. However, we still recommend people to take some break from studying.
Come to our weekly sport event and have fun fun!
This week’s sport activity will be people’s favorite: Badminton 😍😍

Location: ARC Gym 3 (Badminton Court)
Date: 11/14 (Sunday)
Time: 14:00 – 16:00
Maximum Participants: 16

*Please bring your membership card, it is required for you to show your to our TSA Officer

– Fill out the sign up form
– Must be a TSA member (we will verify your membership status at the door)
– We recommend getting a COVID-19 test before attending this event!