02/06 Sports Event

大家這幾天是不是因為暴風雪被關在房間非常鬱悶呢? 這週我們的 Sports Event 項目是羽毛球🏸 歡迎大家前來運動放鬆一下☺

地點: ARC Court 2 & 3 (Badminton Court)
日期: 03/06 (星期日)
時間: 13:00 – 15:00

*在這裡提醒各位記得要帶Membership card,入場前必須要給TSA Officer看過。


– 必須是TSA會員 (入場前會核對身分)
– 建議在進入ARC 之前做COVID- test,並提供陰性證明 😤😤

Are you annoyed because of the winter storm? Come and join us at the sports event! 🤩 This week’s sports activity is Badminton🏸

Location: ARC Court 2 & 3
Date: 03/06 (Sunday)
Time: 13:00 – 15:00

*Please bring your membership card, it is required for you to show your to our TSA Officer

*There are no needs to sign up for this event, so just come on that day with things you needed🤭

– Must be a TSA member (we will verify your membership status at the door)
– We recommend getting a COVID-19 test before attending this event!