10/17 Sport Activity

嗨嗨大家好~ 又到了我們一週一次的 Sports Activity 呢!

我們這週運動項目:羽球 🏸

地點:ARC – Gym 3 (Badminton Court)
日期:10/17 (週日)時間:13:00 – 15:00
人數限制:16人(因為疫情的關係,我們將實施人數限制以確保各位的健康 😊
– 必須是TSA 會員(入場前會核對身分)
– 建議在進入ARC 之前做COVID-19 Test,並提供陰性證明!

P.S 活動人數有限所以有興趣的人請儘快報名喔!心動不如馬上行動

Hey everyone! This week’s sport activity is around the corner. Whether you had midterms this week or have midterms next week, playing sports is a healthy way to destress. Highly recommend people to come and have fun with your friends and other TSA members.

This week’s sport will be Badminton 🏸

Location: ARC – Gym 3 (Badminton Court)
Date: 10/17 (This coming Sunday)
Time: 13:00 – 15:00Max
Participants: 16 people (In order to ensure the health of all due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are restricting the number of participants for this event)

Requirements prior to entering the courts:
– Must be a TSA member (we will verify your membership status at the door)
– We recommend getting a COVID-19 Test before attending this event!