2021 Corn Maze

大家知道UIUC 最為著名的是什麼東西嗎?沒錯!就是我們的玉米田!因為這樣,身為UIUC 的學生,如果連玉米田都沒有看過,豈不是太可惜了嗎?為了讓大家對我們學校特色有更深一層的體驗及了解,TSA UIUC 決定帶大家前往學校附近的玉米迷宮一起冒險!今年主題還是殭屍呢🧟!是不是很心動呢~


活動時間: 10/16 12:50 – 16:00
活動地點: Illini Union 北門門口集合
活動票價: Regular: $14, Premium: $12, Driver: $5

Hey Everyone!
Do you guys know what is UIUC most known for? Yes, our cornfield! Thus, it would really be a shame if you never visit one while being a student here. To let people be more familiar with the culture of U of I, TSA UIUC decides to bring everyone to explore the corn maze near the school. Sign up link can be found below. Since we stop accepting requests after the deadline, reserve your spot right now! Hope to see you there!

🌽 Event Information 🌽
Time: 10/16 12:50 – 16:00
Location: Illini Union (North Side)
Price: Regular: $14, Premium: $12, Driver: $5